CRA Evaluations


FRC has extensive experience in assisting institutions comply with CRA.

FRC consultants have worked with hundreds of institutions in developing and overseeing the implementation of effective CRA programs, including CRA Action Plans. Whether the institution is looking for an evaluation of its delineated assessment area or for an assessment of its CRA performance, FRC can help. FRC provides consulting for all three categories of institutions, small, intermediate, and large banks.

Our consultants are knowledgeable in technical requirements of the CRA and in evaluating individual components of overall CRA performance including:

  • Reasonableness of delineation of communities (assessment areas)
  • Training requirements and overall staff awareness
  • Geographic distribution and borrower characteristics
  • Methodology for ongoing self-assessments
  • Responsiveness of credit products
  • Reporting procedures and recordkeeping requirements
  • Ascertainment and outreach efforts
  • Community development lending
  • Responsiveness to written complaints
  • Small business and agriculture lending
  • Community development services
  • Qualified investments
  • Peer bank/performance context analysis
  • CRA-related agreements

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